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Marvels Unveiled: Grade 7&8 Students Witness Wonders at Hibot Robotics!

On July 19th, our enthusiastic grade 7&8 students embarked on a thrilling journey to Hibot Robotics Company.

During the visit, they were treated to an engaging lecture by the esteemed Professor Hirose, who shared valuable insights into the world of robotics.

The tour proved to be an eye-opening experience, with students even getting the chance to board an earthquake cushion and witness cutting-edge technology in action.

The excitement didn't stop there! In a creative challenge, the students were divided into two groups and handed bags filled with disposable chopsticks, A4 paper, thread, scissors, tapes, hot bond, and more. They put their ingenuity to the test as they competed to craft their very own robot elements.

As for Professor Hirose, he is a renowned expert in the field of robotics, with a vast portfolio of groundbreaking research and innovations that have pushed the boundaries of the industry. His passion for robotics has inspired countless individuals to pursue their own journeys in this fascinating realm of technology.

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Hussam Zaineh
Hussam Zaineh
Jul 22, 2023

Masha Allah

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