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Support the future of Islam in Japan!

Support the future of Islam in Japan by helping the Tokyo-based International Islamia School Otsuka

Campaign objective

Your investment in our school saves the identity of Muslim kids in Japan and creates the generation that will lead Daawah efforts in the land of the rising sun.

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Alhamdulilah, the school building has already been purchased. However, we did not have the total amount needed to buy the building by August last year's deadline. As a result, we had to borrow money from the Muslim community and another Masjid project fund to pay for the school building cost. Tokyo is known for its high cost of living and real estate prices. We have attached a diagram that shows the total amount paid, the collected donations, and the loan to be returned. The last payment was made in August 2022, and we still need to repay loans of ¥69,010,000 (about $523,000).

Our school currently provides Islamic education alongside the international Cambridge curriculum to Muslim children in Japan. Your donation preserves the identity of Muslim children and prepares them to shoulder the responsibility of sharing the beauty of Islam with Japanese society. Investing in our school will be an ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jarriyah) in Japan, where the word of Allah is yet to spread. May Allah accept and bless your rewards. Ameen. ❤️

Our school is committed to instilling a strong Muslim identity in our students, and our efforts have already attracted world-renowned scholars


The visit of Sheikh Yusuf Estes to our school

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Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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