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Support our next generation of Muslim leaders by donating to International Islamia School Otsuka. As a non-profit school, we rely on the support of generous donors like you to continue to provide excellent education to our students.


Alhamdulilah, the school building has already been purchased. However, we did not have the total amount needed to buy the building by August 2022. As a result, we had to borrow money from the Muslim community and another Masjid project fund to pay for the school building cost.  The last payment was made in August 2022, and we still need to repay loans of ¥69,010,000 (about $523,000).

In the heart of Japan, where diversity thrives, a concern echoes—how can we preserve the cultural and religious identity of our second-generation Muslims? A survey by the Japan Islamic Trust reveals that 85% of our young ones lose their Islamic identity after turning 18. In response to this challenge, we present the IISO Student Sponsorship Program (IISO-SSP) as a beacon of hope, a chance for positive change.

IISO Students
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