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宗)日本イスラーム文化センター جمعية الوقف الإسلامي باليابان Japan Islamic Trust

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“A golden investment opportunity for Akhira, continuous charity”

Thank you for your interest in our project of International Islamia School Otsuka (IISO), Tokyo. IISO is the first fully functional Islamic School in Japan aiming to nurture future Muslim leaders in Japan.

Jazakom Allah Khairan for your contribution to purchase a School Building for IISO in Tokyo.

Financial Assistance Request

for International Islamia School Otsuka (IISO) Building, Tokyo

Dear brother/sister in Islam,

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu.

Thank you for your interest in our project of International Islamia School Otsuka (IISO), Tokyo. IISO is the first fully functional Islamic school in Japan aiming to nurture future muslim leaders in Japan. This document contains an overview of Islam in Japan, our parent organization, Japan Islamic Trust (JIT), overview of IISO, and details of IISO building.

Islam in Japan

In 19th century, Islam was introduced to Japan via Ottoman Empire, and now, Islam is the fastest growing religion in Japan, Alhamdulillah. The first Mosque was built in Kobe in 1935. Then, people in Tokyo area established another mosque in 1938. As muslim community grew, Mosques became a primary need for attending Friday prayer, weekend gatherings, Ramadan and Eid occasions etc. Hence, Muslims started to build Mosques in many parts of Japan. According to a survey, present muslim population is ~230000 (~20% is reverted Japanese) with more than 110 mosques. Alhamdulillah, first generation muslims living in Japan managed to keep their Islamic belief and worships via the mosque activities. However, their kids (second generation muslims) are now facing a huge problem.

 The Second Generation of Muslims: Problems and Future Outlook

Currently, several thousand Muslim children and youth are struggling to keep their muslim identity because of insufficient knowledge about Islam. These children attended regular Japanese school where access to Islamic teachings/environments/prayer facilities/halal foods was not available. Weekends classes from Mosques were highly limited and much of the youth were not even coming to Mosque. Some parents send their kids to Muslim majority countries for education, however, due to the huge cultural and social differences between Japan and those countries, many problems arise, except in the case where the students got admissions in Holy places such as Madina university. If we do not provide proper Islamic education to our muslim children living in Japan, they will certainly dissolve in a non-Islamic society, adversely affecting the future of Islam in Japan.

Japan Islamic Trust (JIT): An active Da’wa Organization (

JIT, a registered religious organization in Japan, has been helping and serving the Islamic community in Japan for few decades. Volunteer works of JIT has been published even in Japanese school textbooks. JIT arranges various activities including seminars, lecture series, annual Tarbiyyah camp, Quran/Hadith classes, weekend boys’ class, ladies/girls’ classes, arabic classes from time to time. JIT is also involved in ‘Japanese homeless feeding event’, Welfare fund (domestic and overseas such as Afghanistan, Syria, Burma etc), halal certification, marriage ceremony and certification, family counseling, funeral and burial assistance and refugee assistance program.

Musjid/Musallla Under JIT

Currently, JIT supervises several masjids and musallas in Japan such as Otsuka Masjid (Toshima Ku, Tokyo), Ashikaga Masjid (Ashikaga, Tochigi), Hitachi mosque (Hitachi, Ibaraki), Tottori Masjid Tokyo (Koyama, Tottori), Shibuya Musalla (Shibuya, Tokyo), Nishi Kasai Musalla (Nishikasai, Edogawa), Nakano Musalla (Nakano, Tokyo), Den En Toshi Musalla (Machida), Quba Masjid (Chiba, construction soon) etc.

The First Educational System Under JIT (Kindergarten started in 2004)

JIT launched the school project, Kindergarten, in 2004 to meet long desire of Muslim community in Japan for educating Muslim children with strong Islamic values. We first started at mosque building with few children, however, currently hundreds of students have already graduated from our kindergarten with rich Islamic knowledge and we believe such early nurturing is of utmost importance especially in a country like Japan.

The First Islamic School in Japan: International Islamia School Otsuka (IISO):

Primary section started in 2017 (

JIT realized the importance of educating Muslim youth with a systematic schooling, because much of current Muslim youth has lost their Muslim identity to the extent that some of them have even lost their Islamic faith. JIT extended their Kindergarten into Primary grade (1–6) in 2017 and is expecting to continue for Junior high school (7–9) in 2022.

  • Our focus: Proper nurturing the muslim youth in Japan for this world and hereafter. We aim to impart our students the competing Islamic knowledge, together with modern worldly knowledge and languages. Our goal is to produce good individuals who are not just excel in their profession, but also practice Islam in daily life, leading to spread of the beauty of Islam to the Japanese.
  • Our curriculum: A blend of three components, Islamic subjects including Quran, science and social subjects, and languages (English, Japanese, Arabic). We adopt necessary sections from Cambridge syllabus as an accredited educational body and blend it with the Islamic subjects from a designed ICO (International Curricula Organization, Saudi Arabia ( syllabus. Since we aim to make our students a future Da’ee, Japanese language is taught as a mandatory subject along with arabic language.

IISO Success and Future plan

Alhamdulillah, we started the primary with 6 students and after 5 years we have ~100 students. In 2020 alone ~30 students have joined in our school, which reflects the popularity and desire for children to enter Islamic schools in Japan. All our teachers, 8 full-time and 10 part-time staffs, are experienced and skillful with good passion for teaching and Islam.

Challenge to run an Islamic school in Japan

Government schools in Japan equipped with large classrooms, dedicated facilities for dining, sports and cultural activities. What we have is a small rental place with many students who love to learn Islam. The classrooms are narrow and no facilities for arts, cultural and sports activities. We also provide financial aid to needy students. Although our organization, JIT, is officially recognized by Japanese government, we are not eligible to get any separate facilities for Islamic school. With high real-estate prices in Tokyo, we are forced to find alternatives with minimum facilities for our Islamic school. Hence, we recently made a contract for the building (see picture) to serve as a campus for our primary section.

Details of the school building (contract signed on February 10, 2021)

3-29-9, Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Toko, Japan (3 min walk from Otsuka Mosque, Tokyo).

 Proposed utilization

  • Grade 1–6 classrooms.
  • A multipurpose hall for
    • Prayer
    • Arts
    • Sports Activities
    • Science
    • IT
  • Arabic and English language School for Adults
  • Special language school (Arabic, Urdu, Bangla, Malay etc.)
  • Community centre and cultural activity desk

Payment terms and conditions

Total Price

JPY 315,000,000 (USD 3,000,000)

Advance Payment

JPY 40,000,000 (USD 380,000)

[February 10, 2021]

Balance Payment

JPY 275,000,000 (USD 2,620,000)

[February 10, 2022]

 Donation appeal

As a non-profitable organization, it is impossible for JIT to purchase the building without generous financial support from people in Japan and overseas. We humbly request you to help us by sending donations to the following account. We also request you to disseminate among your organizations/masjids/potential donors.

“The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a (seed of grain), which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies (reward) for whom he wills. And Allah is all–encompassing and knowing. (2:261)”

We pray Allah (swt) to accept from you and give you barakah in your wealth and family.

Bank accounts for donation transfer

[1]        The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd,

Bank address: 3–53–11, Minami Otsuka, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Beneficiary name (Account name): JAPAN ISLAMIC TRUST

Branch name: Otsuka (Branch number 171) (Swift code BOTKJPJT)

Account number: FUTSU (Normal) 1530647

[2]        Japan Post Bank. Account Name:Nihon Isuramu Bunka Center

Account number: 10150–69061461


Aquil Siddeque (Chairman)

Japan Islamic Trust, Tokyo, Japan