2-35-12 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 0359818784 International Islamia School Otsuka – IISO

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Raise Your Child with Health Body, Good Manners, and High Sipirt

IISO-K, a kindergarten under JIT has long experience of educating children with strong Islamic values and morals. Children capabilities grow rapidly during the first six years from birth. They can absorb information without inhibition. Whatever a child sees and experiences during this period has a profound effect on his/her personality and future life. We provide an educational atmosphere for the children that will help in developing the complete personality of the children physically and spiritually.

IISO-K focus on children ‘Tarbiyyah’ along with play, excursions, daily outdoor activities, and Quran memorization. Graduated students have a rich Islamic awareness and we believe such early nurturing is really important especially in a country like Japan.

Our Motto

International Islamia School Otsuka- Kindergarten is the beginning of an Educational facility that extends to IISO Primary which starts in 2017. InshaAllah will extend to Secondary and High School in the future.

IISO-Kindergarten shall provide Islamic Curriculum in the Japanese language in an Islamic atmosphere. It also provides basic English needed to proceed to IISO Primary.


Education Policy

  • Attain Islamic Knowledge
  • Attain physical and moral strength
  • Prepare for Primary school education of IISO or Japanese Public School
  • Maintain creativity and Individuality


Educational Targets

  • A firm belief in the Creator-Allah
  • Practice Islamic Manners in Daily Life
  • Develop individual capabilities