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IISO Annual Parties

Annual Iftar Party

For attending the Annual Iftar Party please fill the form below. This party is arranged for our parents and prospective parents interested in Admissions for Primary Grades.

IISO- Charity Iftar Party

The objective of this iftar party is fundraising a sponsorship for 100 SYRIAN orphans.

Also the party aims to strengthen the ties within Muslim communities in Japan as well as introducing Syrian culture during Ramadan to Japanese participants.

We will have special program of muslim fashion corner where Japanese people can try wearing traditional customs of Syria, including hijab. Corner for Islamic arts and Syrian ethnic goods.

During the party, We will update our donors with the current JIT supporting activities for Syria.

Annual Parents Picnic

Our annual Parent Picnic Lunch was another well-attended event. It was lovely to have so many parents join the children on the school field to enjoy the sunshine over a picnic lunch.

We appreciate the participation of all the parents of our primary students. Parents had a wonderful time helping their kids solve the Trial Hunt designed for entertainment with learning!
It is always a good chance to meet you and talk to you in person out of the school.

Online Registration Form for Iftar Party

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