2-35-12 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 0359818784 International Islamia School Otsuka – IISO

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FAQ Page

1. .Is there any entrance exam to take admission in IISO?

There is no entrance exam for Grade 1 only. All other grades must take an entrance exam for Mathematics and English in order to take admission.

2. What is the policy for Halal food at IISO?

IISO is an islamic school and we adhere to strictest standards. No food sharing among the students is allowed during lunch time which is supervised by teachers.

3. Is there a school uniform in your school?

IISO has a school uniform starting from Grade 1 level. All students are expected to be properly dressed. You can place the order for the uniform at the time of admission. Also, a sports uniform is required for Physical education class.

4. Where can we buy school books and stationaries?

You can buy all the books from the IISO facility at the orientation day that is always conducted in the first week of April.

The class teacher provides a list of stationery items required which parents can buy from any other shop.

5. Is Islamic studies an optional subject?

Islamic Studies and Quran are mandatory subjects being taught at IISO. No students are exempted from taking the class.

6. What kind of media technology is being used at your school?

The teachers use a variety of audio/video aid in the classes. Using documentaries, short clips,  movies and moral stories to enhance the learning experience and create a more interactive environment. The class lessons are based on active learning methodology. It also helps to develop critical thinking.

7. Is there a possibility of installment plans for paying school entrance fee?

Yes, an installment plan can be made available. Please contact the person in charge at the office and get more information about installment plans regarding Entrance Fee to the school that is 100,000 yen.