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Elementary Foundation Course (EFC)

EFC is an initiative taken by IISO to ensure that the children have the basic understanding of Conversational English language so they may adjust in the classroom environment as we understand the cultural diverse backgrounds of our students. In simple words, it is an Intensive English Course.

English is the communicative language for IISO and therefore every child must have basic spoken and writing English skills. This Course is not a typical English course where the students come and try to cram as much as possible. Rather it is an interactive experience between the teacher, students and class fellows as well. The approach to the lessons is through Activity-based Lessons. Only English language is to be spoken during this course. Our teachers will be strict about it and ensure an English speaking environment only.


Children who are seeking admissions for Primary grade 1 and 2 and are currently kindergarten students can join this program.

Grade 1 5.5-6.5years
Grade 2 6.5-8 years

Students not seeking admission in IISO primary can also enroll in this program

  • 6 years- 7 years
  • 7 years- 8 years
  • 9 years- 13 years

This course is designed keeping the very purpose in mind. The overall contents that would be covered in this course are;

  • Ice breaking activities
  • Recognition of English alphabets and phonetics
  • Colors/ body parts/ numbers (pictorial lessons)
  • Introduction to basic English grammar : noun/ verb/ adjective
  • Classroom vocabulary
  • Practicing simple questions ( 5: Ws) ( what, why, when, where, who and how?)
  • Conversation practice with other students through games
  • Storytime through audio and video lessons
  • Quiz games and puzzles in an English practicing environment.
  • Reading simple words and later phrases
  • The broader concept for team working, communication and problem-solving.
  • Some quantity games to teach basics for mathematics
  • Islamic education is an integral part of the course. Islamic etiquette to be followed throughout the day.

We encourage you to seek admission in this course if your child doesn’t have the conversational English understanding to ease the way for their elementary school.