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About Us

About IISO

Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) has launched International Islamic School Otsuka (IISO) project to meet the long desire of the Muslim community in Japan for the education of Muslim children in an Islamic atmosphere including Islamic education and values.

Our History

Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) has been helping and serving the Muslim community in Japan from a few decades. JIT at Otsuka Masjid arranges various activities some of them are:

  • Seminars
  • lecture series
  • Islamic Camp
  • Quran/Hadith classes
  • Arabic classes from time to time.

Our Vision

International Islamic School Otsuka (IISO) is not just a name but an ideology. There is a dire need of preserving our Islamic ethics and values for our later Generations. In the light of Islamic principles, we need to raise Muslim children with such a comprehensive knowledge that they can succeed in this world and hereafter. We completely understand that for the making of good practicing Muslims only Islamic Education is not enough but they must be equipped with worldly knowledge related to sciences and humanities.

4 main elements that represent IISO


To create a truly Islamic school along with formal subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Sciences etc) which encompasses both environment and teaching values.


To be able to create a harmonious community between Mosque, School and Family


To be able to reach university level academics


To be able to nurture a child who will become future Muslim leaders with strong Character Building

Faculty Members


Vice Principal

Home Room Teacher

Home Room Teacher

Why we need an Islamic education in Japan

  • Islam is a complete way of life. The Sahaba (Companions) and the past Muslims prioritized the knowledge of Islam first before worldly knowledge.
  • Present day students are much focusing on job-oriented education completely avoiding Quran or Islamic education
  • A balance of worldly and Islamic educations is required in order to compete with the present world
  • Due to lack of proper Islamic education in Japan, it seems we have lost the 2nd generation of Muslims in terms of ‘Islamic knowledge and values’.
  • Volunteers with no money have created this school involved. So it is not a business.
  • We felt, its our responsibility to safeguard our future Muslim children living in Japan.